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We carry out inspections on skip chains and their components and supply the Pewag Winner G10 & G12. Sizes start from 5mm right through to 32mm. The Winner G10 slings offer working load limits up to 40 tonnes on a single leg. The Pewag Winner G10 sling system is one of the most comprehensive on the market today with a level of quality to match. The Pewag Winner Pro G12 chains and fittings offer working load limits 50% higher than those of traditional G8 equivalents and even 20% more than G10 allowing significant weight reductions for any given load. 


Pewag Winner Pro G12 profiled chain offers additional benefits such as increased resistance to bending, which is particularly useful for applications where the chain is loaded over a corner or ledge. Such instances can be observed in many load lashing arrangements used on heavy equipment transporters. 

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